Giant Tumbling Blocks, also known as a game that rhymes with “wenga”, is a great party game. Playing this is actually really fun, even for adults! It’s a pretty great feeling to pull out the tough block and carefully place it back on top, leaving an even harder play for the next person in line.

Just set it up at a party or campsite and we can guarantee it will be played over and over again throughout the day or weekend.

We’re constantly experimenting with sizes of games to create but we’ve settled on using 2×3 lumber. It’s not quite is big as using 2x4s but it’s a lot more manageable weight-wise and doesn’t hurt as much when it falls on you!

Our standard sets come in a wooden crate for carrying but you will have the option of a “deluxe” base/carrying case. The deluxe base will be perfectly designed to carry every block. You can then turn it over to reveal a smooth building surface.

The standard set comes with 18 rows of three blocks but don’t let that stop you. If you want a taller tower just say so!

We can also stain the blocks any color imaginable so feel free to let us know what colors you’d like.

Giant Tumbling Blocks Pricing

  • Large Size (2x4s) – $200.00
  • Medium Size (2x3s) – $150.00
  • Deluxe Base/Carrying Case – +$50.00
  • Extra Rows – $10.00 per row (three blocks)

Request your set by emailing:

Giant Tumbling Blocks Gallery

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