If you love sitting around the kitchen table with the family and playing Dominoes, why don’t you take it outside into the yard! Our dominoes are crafted from 1×6″ cedar and can be customized any way you like.

Each set comes with a crate to transport and store the dominoes.

Request your set by emailing: dustin@garnessgames.com

Yard Dominoes Pricing

  • Double 6 Set (28 dominoes) – $200.00
  • Double 9 Set (55 dominoes) – $400.00
  • Double 12 Set (91 dominoes) – $675.00
  • Double 15 Set (136 dominoes) – $1000.00
  • Painted/Stained Dots – +35% of the regular price
  • Ready-to-Finish – -20% of the regular price

Yard Dominoes Gallery

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